Industrial DevOps

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Industrial DevOps is the idea of bringing the principles of DevOps to the industrial environment. With this idea we are striving for following benefits for small and mid-size enterprises:

  • Smooth and fast integration of new software (features) into the production system
  • Integration of all running systems and processes on one platform for better analysis and monitoring
  • Healthy systems during the whole lifecycle

The complex requirements of digitization will be handled in an agile way and through small iterative loops changes will always be welcome.

The Titan Project

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The Titan project will build a prototype of a software platform, which will enable industrial users to apply the principles and best practices of DevOps, Lean and Agile to the complex problems of the ongoing digitization.

Sub goals of the Titan project are:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Monitoring of the systems
  • Resilience of the systems
  • Avoidance of technical debts
  • Scalability
  • Elimination of the Vendor-Lock-In

Therefor we will start the scientific research on how to build a platform which is fulfilling all the sub goals but at the same time “easy-to-use” for employees even with low programming knowledge.

The main and overall goal of the Titan project is to

reduce the costs and risks of digitization for small and mid-size enterprises.

The results of the Titan project research will be open source.

The Titan project is sponsored by Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Government of the Federal Republic of Germany under the FKZ 01IS17084 A - B.


Technical Lead

wobe-systems GmbH, Kiel

Scientific Lead

Christian-Albrechts-Universität (CAU) zu Kiel


  • Maik Wojcieszak, wobe-systems GmbH, Kiel

  • Prof. Dr. Wilhelm (Willi) Hasselbring, CAU

  • Sören Henning, CAU

  • Björn Latte, wobe-systems GmbH

  • Stefan Schalk, wobe-systems GmbH

  • Oliver Dissars, werk42 GmbH

  • Wolfgang Bär, werk42 GmbH

  • Muhammad Adnan, wobe-systems GmbH

  • Ulrike Blunck

  • Sabine Wojcieszak, getNext IT


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Project-Kick-Off Meeting February, 15th 2018 in Kiel

All project partners met for the first time, connected with each other and discussed the first ideas of the Titan Project. The project partners will meet reguarly once a month.

Press and Publications

Please find here the official press release of DiWiSH about the Titan Project in German language.

Please find here the official press release of the CAU Christian-Abrechts Universität zu Kiel in German language

Please find here the article of in German language


Here you will find links to conferences which are related to the topics of DevOps, agile, lean, IoT and industrial automation:

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KoSSE-Tag 2018 on 6th June 2018 - Maik Wojcieszak is giving a talk about Industrial DevOps. German speaking conference

Exhibitions and Fairs

Here you will find links to exhibitions and fairs related to industrial automation and IoT:

Further readings

This is a list of articles, blogs and books closely related to the topic of the Titan Project. The publications may be in German as well as in English.

Impressions of our Events

For some impressions of our events just have a look at our flickr account!



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If you have any questions about the project please send an email to our community manager Sabine. She will help you!

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